Food grade Beans and Peas, Animal feed importer and distributor. Obtained ISO9001 Certification.


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Food grade Beans and Peas, Animal feed importer and distributor.
Obtained ISO9001 Certification

Company Information

KOBE 658-0033 JAPAN
Established 1919
President Yoshitaka Sugihara
Main Business Field Trading in various kind of food materials such as Dry beans,
Soy beans, Feeds, Grains etc. as an Importer and/or Distributor.

Product Features

We are one of major beans importer and distributor in Japan. We are trading various kind of dry beans such as Azuki, Kidney beans, Peas, Broad beans to supply to our customer’ s in Japan.
We are also supplying Sugars, Pre-mix products, and other kind of materials for our customer to utilize our transportation and stock functions.
We have our own facilities (Warehouse and Processing Plant) and stored wide knowledge for quality control and solutions for transportation during our long history.


Soybean consumption for food in Japan has long history. We hope to maintain our tradition and also want to make new market as a healthy food or high nutritive valued food.
We supply to various kind of food processors who are using Soybeans as a material such as Bean Curd makers, Natto makers, Miso makers, Soy source makers, Prepared food makers, Confectionery makers.
We are one of major trader for Organic Soybean and other organic agricultural products.
It’s one of our challenge to expand “Organic Market Volume” in Japan.

We handle various kind of animal feeds for Livestock industry in Japan.
We don’ t treat only import materials but also trading By-products which is supplied from Food processors in Japan.
And we are also trading materials for Fertilizer, Pet food products and Feed additives to accommodate a wide range of needs in the industry.


All for customer’s satisfaction and social contribution

Processing Plant for Beans

We started fully owned processing plant for beans in 1990. Since then, we add a lot of equipment and facilities to improve our quality and production volumes. At the end of 2010, we achieved processing total 22,000mt. Today we keep trying to achieve to total 30,000mt processing. We will make our best effort to supply constantly High quality food materials to our valued customers.


Organic Agricultural Products

We have started to handle “Organic Agricultural Products” like Organic Soybeans before April 2001. (2001 was a year which is enacted law of JAS Organic)
Since then, we work as a “Bridge” between organic farmers and organic food processors. We are handling Soybeans and other kind of beans/grains such as Azuki, Wheat, and Barley. We will keep supplying safe and reliable materials to our valued customers.


ISO 9001

We obtain ISO9001 Certification (Quality Management System) since 2005. We aim to improve our quality of productions and management levels for filling up our customer’ s requirement.


Solar Power Generation System

As a new challenge, we introduced “Solar Power Generation System” on a roof of our warehouse. We use the electricity from this system to control temperatures in our warehouse to keep beans and grains are fresh. We are concerning about Global Environmental Issues. And we hope to make a small contribution to solve issues.

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